Friday, November 23, 2007

Officer Bradley – there oughta be a law

Source: WPXI – Rick Earle story, he’s doing a follow up.

The details I have:

Pgh. Police Ofcr. Bradley Walker was arrested – 2 counts of assault. Spent night in All. County jail. Is now out, without bail, back on active duty with NO restrictions – yes, that means he still has his gun.

With all of the media attention, council hearings, public outcry & demand for redress over the last 6 months, this is how the police brass reacts to Walker’s situation?

Council will deliberate the new ordinance, which merges Shields/Peduto’s work with that of the Admin. & Police Dept., on Weds., November 28th.


  1. Thanks, Gloria.

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  2. Question:

    SO --- are Walker's simple assaults officially "domestic violence?" Do these simple assaults go on the record AS domestic violence? Simple assault could be a charge from a bar fight with someone that you don't know... Domestic violence is far more serious than a bar fight because of continued consequences to victims, their families and communities. The harm inflicted is more significant than the harm that occurs between strangers engaged in a bar room brawl and that's why there is specific class of crimes.

    Domestic violence escalates and can be terror in day to day life. It's different.

    Pittsburgh police officer gets desk job after charges
    He's accused to assaulting his wife and son
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA
    By Jonathan D. Silver, Rich Lord and Milan Simonich
    Tuesday, November 27, 2007
    ..."This incident was treated as a crime from the very beginning," Public Safety Director Michael Huss said yesterday. "I'm very glad that the supervisors took the action they did by seizing the firearm and treating it as a crime"... The arrest of Detective Walker on two misdemeanor counts of simple assault marks the second time in two months a Pittsburgh officer has been charged with a domestic-abuse crime...