Sunday, November 25, 2007

Do you know this song lyric?

Chalk this up to desperation.

I hate the annual clash of interfamilial holiday traditions. I am not a list maker. If you don't know me well enough to determine what I'd like as a present, don't buy one. Ask me my size, my color preference, etc. Don't ask me what I want. I know I'm particular and fussy. I read books from the library. I borrow CD's from Ledcat. Pay attention!

On the flip side, being handed a list is like a giant wall of expectation bashing Jesus AND Santa into a tiny heap of "Sparkle Season" dust. Don't give me the list of crap you haven't gotten around to buying for yourself. Don't put me in a box. Don't tell me you want Lemon Verbana Body Lotion from the Bath & Body Works because I'm not buying you something that was slathered on a cat for testing purposes. I'm going to The Body Shop and purchasing the closest possible scent. The fact that you would even suggest shows you don't know me well enough to receive a gift from me. Don't give me three gift card options. Don't tell me to send your kid a check because I'll never pick something he'd like. And for Mona's sake, please don't give me a gift and pout when I don't succumb to the temptation to spend $25.00 on people I don't even like very much. There are plenty of people I do like for whom I will not shell out $25.00.

So, Ledcat's mother has a small list. She's pretty creative and goes off-list so I can roll with that. She once made me a cute little "dress" for my dishsoap b/c I admired hers. She made it! For me! That's worth several years of semi-list requests.

She wants the album containing a song she hears on the radio. I'm guessing an Adult Contemporary Station out of Youngstown somewhere between 100.7 and 99.7. There's a "countryish" song sung by a woman with the title something like "Go Ahead and Try."

That's all I know. Both of her 90something parents are in the hospital and she finds the song uplifting and inspiring. She's also really worn down and just can't recall any more than that. So I search the Internet, sign up for (gulp!) country music lyric boards and still, nothing.

Help a lesbian out! I may have take Green Day out of my work CD player and listen to Lite Rock. That won't be good for anyone. Especially the kids!

ps: I recognize that my whole refusal to "compromise my values" arguement re The Body Shop is completely undermined by the plea for help on a list item. But ... she made me a dress, ladies!




  2. ANONYMOUS SO MY FAMILY WON'T COME AFTER MENovember 25, 2007 at 10:17 PM

    You want to talk dysfunctional? Let's talk FAMILY NEWSLETTERS which will start filling my mailbox shortly ...

  3. is it 'nobody's fool' by avril lavigne? it's not country, but country isn't country any more either.

  4. Lyrics freak is about right. LOL. I'll check into it. The problem, of course, is that I don't know what the song sounds like so we are really taking shots in the dark. Good grief.

    We only receive one newsletter. Our friends save up "weird news" clippings all year long and send them out all together with not a single iota of news about their family. That's my kind of newsletter.

    Right now we are trying to figure out how to put together a photo card featuring seven animals. We are officially holiday mom crazy.

  5. we don't get a newsletter, thankfully!

    my friend's ellie and mitch do get one tho and they share their's with me because it is just too sterotypical for words! so much bragging, so little holilday spirit.
    we giggle ourselves silly!

  6. I'd like to send one all about my pets. As satire.

    Oh I KNOW ... Let's do a joint Society letter ...