Saturday, November 24, 2007


Don't they have anything better to do with our tax dollars?

Paul, get your chicken feet ready ...


  1. I understand the part about the tax dollars and the best way to expend that money. However if people are in agreement that the name should be added, the cost of the flags will increased even more. You have two put the name on both side so it can be read. For that you have to have two flags swn back to back. The best way is to change the flag for something more simple and reconizable. GT

  2. My idea is different -- instead of "dumbing down" our flag -- let's "educate up" our people.

    I think we're smart enough to get it.

    It's not like every Pennsylvanian *owns* or is clamoring to *own* a state flag. In fact, I'd wager a good guess there are *far* more Pennsylvania residents who own, in some fashion, a *confederate* flag.

    Why not preserve what history we can, especially when it does not block progress?

    We all know the most widespread and most recognizable advertisement any state has is the *license plate*.

    Secondary state recognition (though some might argue primary, but for the sake of argument I write "secondary" because they are not directly issued by the state), are, of course, sports teams logos ...

  3. those are my thoughts. everyone in each state should know what their flag looks like.

  4. yeah, i agree that the issue isn't so much the flag as education. It would appear that "state flag awareness" doesn't get you a lot of points on the No Child Left Behind" test.

  5. Also remember the tax dollars being wasted here aren't just in redesign and paying legislatures, design companies, flag makers, etc...

    We'd also have to replace EVERY existing flag and image of the flag on every sign, flag pole, website, literature, etc...

    How about we keep the flag we have now and use the millions we were going to spend on this to give me a tax cut, preferably on property tax.