Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pittsburgh Girls support Girls in Afghanistan

Wanted to share this event with other Pittsburgh women, as I am so proud of the girls at the school where I work...

Snipped from a student-written press release:
As part of its ongoing fundraising efforts, The Ellis Afghan Sister School Club will present a $2700 check to Mrs. Fahima Vorgetts, board member of Women for Afghan Women. The check will benefit Khwahari, Ellis’ sister school in Afghanistan, making their running fundraising total over $16,000.

Ellis students began the sister school project in 2004 when they learned that girls like them in Afghanistan were studying in tents because they had no school building. The girls resolved to build a school.

The club will host an informal coffee and conversation session with Mrs. Vorgetts from 5:30-7:00 in the Ellis Babcock Library, with the opportunity to purchase Afghan rugs and jewelry. Mrs. Vorgetts will discuss the status of the sister school and her human rights work in Afghanistan. The event is free and open to the public.

The story was covered last year in the Post-Gazette, and the girls have a website.

Fahima is an inspiring speaker - and a real on-the-ground activist working to change the lives of women. If you are free this evening, I invite you to come to Ellis and hear her speak.


  1. I went to the event. It was very inspiring to see young woman be in charge of such an event. They did a great job and Fahima was excellent at getting across the quality of life for women and girls in that country.

  2. women. I've got to start using that preview option...