Wednesday, November 14, 2007

just my reply to McCain's non-reply to a supporter's use of the term about Clinton.

me, i haven't made up my mind about who will get my vote but i resent the term
being used as to Clinton.

McCain, he SHOULD be ashamed that he did not say anything.


  1. "McCain, he SHOULD be ashamed that he did not say anything."

    He said he respected Senator Clinton, didn't he? I believe he was sincere when he said that. I think there are so many other villains from the Republican party that we can go after. McCain is one of the few whom I have respect for. If a Republican happens to win office, we would probably be lucky if it was McCain instead of some of the other Republican candidates.

    I think that the comment caught him by surprise, it wasn't "planted", and it seemed that the second comment about the guy's wife is what made him laugh. Are we blowing this out of proportion?

  2. "no"

    Come one now. It's not like McCain said it himself, and it did not come from one of his campaign people.

    To boot, it was a woman who said it, and while I'm not condoning what she said, I think you saying McCain should be "ashamed" of something someone else said is a little over the top.

    Actually, and this hurts my argument, McCain said "excellent question." Now that is what looks bad, to me, but I think these candidates are hard wired to follow up every question with "excellent question." I don't think he meant it when he said it.

  3. no, i did not say he should have been ashamed that he was asked that question. he should be ashamed that he did not answer it better than he did. he could have put an end to using that term right then and there if he had chosen to do so.

    yes, it might have been a plant, seeing that the word was used BY a woman. who knows, but the important thing to me is that he did not either want to put a stop to the use of the word "bitch" OR he can not think fast enough on his feet to come up with a diplomatic way to stop that term from being used. he could have done that.
    unless he 1.didn't want to or 2.couldn't think fast enough.
    either way, i fault him.

    he has become more and more of a disappointment over the past few years.

    you are free to vote as you choose, so am i.

    i won't be voting for him.
    that's 1 more to cross off of my list of possibles.

  4. Why does partisanship have to creep into our analysis of absolutely EVERYTHING?

    Is there no other point of reference?

    I could care less if he were Democrat, Republican or Whig.

    "That's an excellent question."


    Anyone on their feet would have said, "With all due respect, I prefer not to refer to any woman using that label, so I'm not sure what your question is."

    Was it planted? Who knows? But it was intentional.

    It's kind of like when a lawyer in trial says something out of line that they know will be stricken from the record, but they put it out there anywhere to plant the thought in the minds of the jurors.

  5. ms. mon, you could not be more spot-on. thanks.