Monday, November 26, 2007

Why does a youth minister

... have a sawed-off shotgun in his home? And why would he give it to a 14 year old boy to examine? And why are children from youth ministry at his home on a school night?

Chelsea and her sister, Ashley, 18, left to return to their nearby
house, but Chelsea forgot her purse. As she returned to Mr. Owens' living room
to get it, a sawed-off shotgun being examined by a 14-year-old boy in the group
went off.
She was killed instantly.
Mr. Owens told police one of the boys
wanted to look at the shotgun. He said he unloaded it before handing it to him.
However, it still contained a cartridge. Police could not be reached yesterday
to say if charges will be filed.

That's a lot of poor judgement for one man to make in a single evening. Especially one given responsibility for young people. What's up with that?

I did the whole youth group thing in high school and college. I'm pretty sure my parents would nev-ah have left me go to the youth director's home and I'm absolutely sure I wouldn't have gone back if they knew he gave weapon exhibits to teenagers. Of course, my parent's church was pastored by Father John Wellinger so perhaps that isn't the best comparison.

But, seriously, can someone explain to me how a leader of young men and women isn't being held up for more scrutiny here? Even if you can explain why he owns the gun, why was it loaded? Even if you explain that, why would he show it to a child? Even if you explain that, why would he ... nah, you can't explain it.

Can you?

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