Friday, November 9, 2007

Rapist of 12 year-old hired by Pgh Public Works

Crossposted from 2pj at Sue and Sherry's request (with a h/t to Gloria who posted this story to a mailing list):


Bernard Pendleton is a truck driver for the City Public Works Department. He's a Democratic Committeeman. He's also a convicted felon.

Court documents show that in 1987 Pendleton approached a 12-year-old girl at a bus stop, asked her if she wanted to go smoke marijuana, then took her to a house and raped her, threatening, "If you tell somebody, you know what is going to happen."


Public Works Director Guy Costa is one of several city leaders who approved the hiring of Pendleton because of his Democratic Party affiliation. They never saw his criminal file - didn't know he raped a 12-year-old. But they did know he was a felon. Right on his job application he admits to pleading guilty to statutory rape and illegal gun possession.

"We felt it was good for us to hire him as a truck driver," Costa said.

Griffin: "So it's okay then? On his record he says, 'I have been convicted rape.' That doesn't come across anybody's desk?"

Costa: "Based on the information we had at the time we felt that he was the best candidate."

(Apparently, however, there is no truth to the rumor that Public Works will be handing out Aqua Dots to city children for the holidays.)

May we add that this type of thing is exactly why we need ordinances and not just departmental polices when it comes to hiring and promotions practices in this city?

While we are gratified to learn that women's and DV groups are continuing to meet with police and city officials this week over police policies on officers with domestic violence histories, we cannot allow the police bureau to simply institute their own guidelines.

There must be laws in place when it comes to the safety of women and children in our city.


  1. to me, it seems that rape just is not taken as seriously as other crimes.
    i think this shows that to be true.

    i believe that this man has a right to a job but has given up the right to be trusted as yet. there are many jobs that would keep him from being out and about that he could do.

  2. This whole thing makes me sick, HE RAPED A CHILD!!!
    I left this info on 2PJ. Someone who can seriously investigate this needs to check out a few things.

    First and foremost, why is there no listing for Bernard Pendleton on the PA Megan’s Law website? If he lives or works anywhere in Pennsylvania and was convicted of raping a child he should be listed on that website. I could not find a listing under his name.

    If he is the same Bernard Pendleton who has 2 child support cases and 1 PFA charge in family court, then he is 45 years old – born 11-1-61.

    The Bernard Pendleton in the KDKA story was convicted of illegal gun possession on 6-12-83 (freeze frame on the KDKA video to see the date). If Pendleton was a young teen at the time of the rape in 1987 then he would have been elementary school aged in 1983 and his record for gun possession would have been sealed.

    So, we can safely assume that a 45yr old city worker who was convicted of illegal gun possession when he was 22 years old also raped a 12 year old girl when he was 26 years old.

    He should be fired immediately by the city for lying on his job application.
    As to the ‘democratic committeeman’ part, how screwed up and corrupt is the Democratic Party in Allegheny? A guy who rapes a 12 year old girl when he is 26 gets to be a committeeman? I know most of us have read ‘Crashing the Gate’. It’s time for honest Democrats to forcefully take over in Allegheny County.