Sunday, February 3, 2008


I decided to google, "Women's Blogger Groups", to see what else was out there. Were there groups similar to ours in other cities, states, regions, etc? I was curious as to where they were and what they were writing about.

You know what I found? Well, I'll tell you what I found. I found the Pittsburgh Women's Blogger Society at the bottom of the first page...and the middle of the second page on google.

We're pretty awesome.

What else did I find?

**I found a blog where a woman is aggreggating all of the political blogs written by women. She has 300 blogs listed, so far.

Check it out.

*** started their own women's blog named Broadsheet in 2005.

"Broadsheet: Introducing Salon's cheeky new women's blog"

"Broadsheet started, as many things at Salon do, over e-mail. A member of the staff would pick up on a piece of news about women that was funny or horrifying or exciting but was not getting
many column inches in the rest of the press. Sometimes those e-mails turned into stories, but often the item would be small enough that it wouldn't merit its own feature at Salon, either. Still, the staff comments -- hilarious, angry, shocked, pleased -- would zing back and forth by e-mail chain. Without realizing it, we'd begun our own internal blog, with a circulation of about a dozen people, that paid attention to the newsworthy triumphs and travails of what we used to call the fairer sex. "

Do you have others? List them here!

Agent Ska

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