Sunday, February 17, 2008

PA "Marriage Protection" Amendment Resurrected by 17 men

I blogged extensively about this over at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents earlier today. However, somewhere in the middle of Costco, it dawned on me that none of the names I had scrutinized for party affiliation were female. I just double-checked at the PA Senate website, but it appears that 17 men have prioritized gay marriage as the issue of the moment. Not the economy, healthcare, or collapsing bridges. Nope.

Last time around, Jane Orie was part of the crowd, but she's turned her attention to assisting victims of sexual assualt and monitoring fiscally distressed municipalities. Is it possible that a financially unsound Pittsburgh might have a more negative impact on local families than my relationship with Ledcat? Heavens to Betsy! As a City resident, I say go get 'em Jane.

Seriously, is there anything to interpret from the absence of any woman on this effort to write discrimination into the Pennsylvania constitution? Should I withhold judgement until we see if a similar movement emerges from the House, sans female cosponsors? Are the men in our state legislature more concerned with preserving family values than the women?

Just some Sunday night thoughts. By the way, please call your State Senator and let him or her know what you think about the issue. Especially if you live in the districts of Orie, Fontana and Costa --- they are part of the committee that can put this nonsense aside to focus on issues that might actually effect your family.

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