Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blog and you're an expert!

It may sound a little cocky, but somehow a little post I wrote months ago has ended up getting me some decent press! While I was still in the "What does this blog want to be?" phase of Burghilicious, I wrote a silly little post about how to stop being a picky eater. Now six months later, a journalist at the Tribune-Review finds my Pollyanna post when he googles "Picky Eaters Anonymous." And wha-bam! I'm a practical expert for his article - the enlightened, open-minded philosopher who has reformed her picky ways! (please see the tongue-in-cheek on that one :)

Many thanks to blogging for giving me that opportunity. I'm certainly not the only person to overcome stubborn, stupid food aversions in this town, but I was the only one who wrote about it. It's great encouragement for keeping this little food blog project going, and I hope all of my fellow Pittsburgh women bloggers find similar encouragement!

Now time for some cookies...

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  1. That was a nice story. I find it amusing how picky parents wonder where their picky children came from.

    I grew up with Dad eating meat, potatoes (sometimes rice) and three veggies. That was it. Fast forward, twenty years and give him the Cooking Channel ... now if there's a meal without something being infused or grated, I'd be surprised. :-)