Monday, February 4, 2008

Rachel's on TV AND YOUTUBE!

Oh, my...our little girl, all grown up!! oh, I need a hug. Where are the tissues?

If you missed it and have been sleeping under a rock, Rachel of, was nominated for a Bloggie. A Bloggie is a very, very big deal in the blog world. (Did we mention that it's a very big deal?)

You can watch The Amazing Rachel here, on Channel 11. Or here on youtube.

Congratulations, Rachel!!!

Part 2 of this fiesta:

Rachel needs to fly down to SXSW in March to hear the Bloggie winners be announced!

She's raising funds to go down there...and we're all gonna help this hottstuff get down there!

Rachel...yeah, she's kind of a big deal...

(...and she's part of our society!)


-Agent Ska and the Very Proud Pgh Women's Blogging Society at Large-


  1. Agent Ska,

    I think I'm the one that needs the tissues.

    Thank you so much for this. I'm completely...just...speechless.

    And so grateful, and proud to be a part of this society.

    Thank you, infinitely, thank you.

  2. are you still going to san fran, too?

    If you are, there are some ideas in the works...whenever you have a chance, hit me up.