Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm exhausted. And it has nothing to do with walking around in these boots. (I got them from Nordstrom. No, they don't have one here in Pittsburgh.)

I have been touched by Sue and her posts lately, and her commitment to do what she can to effect change in the world, working to achieve what seems so simple in principle but has been complicated by greed and power and lust and ego -- that all people, who are created equal, die equal.

(Somewhere, a funeral director is thinking, "James, I think we've found our new advertising slogan.")

Meantime, politics seems little more than a Fellini movie to me anymore. Except without the popcorn. When I think about it though, that's a blow to the great Federico -- so I'm going to take that back. But I think you get my point.

Yet, even as these thoughts suck the hope out of me like a cranial Roto-Rooter, I keep coming back to this.

As as for my colleague Jabber Jaws -- you may be right. You may be crazy. But ...

(Flashback --cue Dream Weaver and add a few shots of rum to the memory -- A musician from Gloria Estefan's Miami Sound Machine that I partied with back in the early 90s was impressed with the up-and-coming Seal and was excited that he was going to be working on a project with him. Incidentally, have you ever been on a concert tour bus? Wa-oh-o. And oh yes, way, Garth. Way.)

As much as I feel like this, though (press play, please):

The signs haunt me everywhere I go. (Taken with my camera phone of suck last night.) So I scratch my weary head and ask, Faith, if you are going to plague me with your presence, could you at least try to get your message across, you know, a little more creatively?

Meantime, I have gone to the great, bald wise oracle and asked him a question three times. (It's not strength, it's persistence, right?) My answer to his nonanswer is the most bizarre Three Dog Night video I could find. I laughed so hard when I watched this I think I gave myself a hernia. (I know, serves me right.) Though, it really could use a little more COWBELL, DON'T YOU THINK?

And as for you, George the Dragonslayer -- I will see you same time, same channel this week. For the love of God, don't forget your damn sword this time. If I get burned by the breath of the beast again, I may have to give up this whole slaying business stuff.


  1. every time i see lennon's face it makes me wish many things. makes me work towards them too.

  2. Right after seeing those boots, I went to school, and a lady was standing in front of me with them on.

    Seriously strange coincidence.

  3. What did this "lady" look like, Ska? Are you sure she was a lady?