Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spinning ourselves down the toilet

Rather than investigating our presidential candidates' policies & vision for America's future, we're sinking to taking pundits' spin for substance.

Where's the analysis of the candidates' records? These are factual indicators of initiatives they're likely to pursue and of their ability to implement them.

Sally Kalson's column in today's P-G got me riled up & got me thinking that we, the American public, have only ourselves to blame for the base nature of the conversation the media's only too willingly giving us.

I swear the theme for this year's presidential campaign season oughta be Ebony & Ovary, as that's all that's being considered in the race for the most important elected position in the world.


  1. ebony and ovary, i'll have to remember that.

    i've said for years that we have dumbed ourselves down to a "pro-wrestling" mentality.
    tho i've ordered a book on the history of dirty presidential campaigns so i may have to eat my words.

  2. Gloria, thanks for writing that. The Sally Kalston column really got to me too. I would like to give it the full Chad Hermann treatment, were the Comet not so busy on its own topics lately.

    I will say this: some people are actually suggesting it would be "unfair" to vote for Barack Obama just because he's more inspiring. THERE MAY BE REASONS he is inspiring, and there may be reasons Hillary comes off as well, a smaller leader.

    Besides which, when you are Prez it is HELPFUL to be able to inspire the Independent and even Republican voters that fence-sitting members of congress rely upon, instead of leading with admonishments and threats.

    Sherry although I agree with your point about dumbing down, your analogy runs afoul of my emerging theory of representation. We elect public officials to wear spandex and fight for our benefit. It's precisely when they fail to do so that complacency and corruption emerges.