Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Laptop Butcher Shop Is Open

Get your local meat now through Slow Food Pittsburgh's Laptop Butcher Shop. I just received my order forms via email, and thought I should share the opportunity with all of Pittsburgh's women bloggers.

Here's how it works: Slow Food's Laptop Butcher Shop connects Pittsburgh with organic and/or carefully-raised, local meats and poultry. Place your orders direct to local producers whose products are not found in grocery stores, then pick everything up at once on March 8 at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Highland Park. At the Winter Market that day, you can also purchase locally-produced craft goods, yarns, cheeses, honey and more.

The talented, very-small-scale producers who offer their wares through this innovative program care about the health of their animals, their customers and the planet. Animals are fed nutritionally-appropriate diets - i.e., grass for cows, pecking for chickens, etc. - and raised outdoors, the way nature intended. All meats available are raised without prophylactic antibiotics or hormones, and are more nutritionally valuable than their factory-raised counterparts (FYI, even the stuff available at Whole Foods is generally factory raised.) Additionally, because these producers are from southwest PA, their products aren't shipped cross-country, saving a load of greenhouse gas emissions.

For instructions and order forms, drop me an email. You can find my contact information at And to get regular updates directly from Slow Food Pittsburgh, drop them a line at the email address on this page. And don't forget - it's also CSA season!

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