Wednesday, April 16, 2008

15 Minutes Gallery

"The Pittsburgh Technology Council Arts + Technology Initiative is proud to announce the 15 Minutes Gallery – a forum to showcase the works of regional artists in a contemporary setting. Through this progressive initiative, the Council recognizes the synergy that exists between the technological and the artistic communities in Pittsburgh and the impact each component will have on the region’s future. To strengthen the link between these dynamic and innovative communities, the Council is partnering with the Sirani Gallery in Squirrel Hill.

Founded on the notion that art and technology share the elemental characteristic of innovation, the 15 Minutes Gallery seeks to unite both veins of creative prowess in celebration of the regional dynamic. The Gallery, located in the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s atrium and conference areas, provides a unique opportunity for local artists to reach key figures of Pittsburgh’s business community."

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Agent Ska

1 comment:

  1. I don't doubt that the Pittsburgh Technology Council does great work, and their Arts + Technology Initiative is a worthy initiative, and the 15 Minutes Gallery is a great exhibit / installation, but...

    "Founded on the notion that art and technology share the elemental characteristic of innovation..."

    Huh? I have an immediate repulsion to this equation.

    Is innovation an elemental characteristic of art? Are oil paintings, marble sculpture, 8mm film and standard prose not art anymore? Some of the worst art I've seen stems from innovating for its own sake.