Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Do you have one of these? (Or something resembling it)

Are you free on Thursday?

At 2:00 PM?

If so, go to the Allegheny County Courthouse:

Then go to the Gold Room:

And Camcord This:

"The public hearing in Pittsburgh on Thursday, April about Senate Bill 1250. Senate Bill 1250 is a Constitutional Amendment which would ban gay marriage AND civil unions in Pennsylvania. On Thursday, April 10th there will be a public hearing in Pittsburgh to discuss the impact this amendment would have on the Commonwealth. In past hearings, supporters of this discriminatory bill have been extremely active and vocal. It is crucial that we outnumber them this time around. We urgently need people to come to the hearing so senators know that people from the Pittsburgh area don't want our General Assembly to legislate hate."

Tell them to:

Then, upload it to:

Why? To make the Vote Visible:

So that everyone knows what to say when they hear:

-Agent Ska-

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