Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pgh Public Hearing on SB 1250

Courtesy of Steel City Stonewall Democrats comes this news.

Value All Families - Keep Discrimination out of Our State

Please come to the public hearing in Pittsburgh on Thursday, April 10th and
tell Pennsylvania Senate Members to vote NO on Senate Bill 1250.

Senate Bill 1250 is a Constitutional Amendment which would ban gay
marriage AND civil unions in Pennsylvania. On Thursday, April 10th
there will be a public hearing in Pittsburgh to discuss the impact this
amendment would have on the Commonwealth. In past hearings, supporters of
this discriminatory bill have been extremely active and vocal. It is
crucial that we outnumber them this time around. We urgently need
people to come to the hearing so senators know that people from
the Pittsburgh area don't want our General Assembly to legislate

Date and time: Thursday, April 10th, 2:00 pm
Location: Allegheny County
Courthouse, Gold Room 437 Grant St., Downtown Pittsburgh Corner of Grant and

*** We will have lapel stickers at the hearing. Please be sure to
pick one up to show your opposition to the marriage amendment***
Call (412)
681-7736 for more information


Your faithful correspondent, alas, cannot attend as I have work commitments that cannot be missed. So I hope you will attend and speak your mind.

It is frustrating to only receive four days notice (and some change, I guess) for a middle of the day hearing. 3/4 of my work commitments are flexible enough to accomodate these sort of things, but not all of them. I guess that is how things go. It is particularly frustrating, though, in this case as lower income LGBT (and straight) families will be hit very hard by this type of discrimination and are least likely to be able to just drop everything at work for a 2 PM meeting.
Please let me know if you plan to attend.


  1. I am hoping to be there, but with such late notice, and little organization, it's a difficult decision to make.


  2. I think you mean,