Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What are you doing for lunch today?

Let's make some change.

The Women & Girls Foundation invites you to join us today thru
Thursday, (April 24th), in Market Square, from noon to 1. We will be
raising awareness about the need to wipe out the wage gap once & for all!

Yes, the wage gap still exists across this country and, surprise, surprise, it's wider in Western
PA. Grab your lunch buckets & join us - we'll be the ones holding the Will Work for Equality signs.

AND, on Friday, April 25th, from noon to one in Market Square, we are holding the second annual EQUAL PAY RALLY. Speakers from government, education, labor, business and the nonprofit sectors will talk with you about what we can all do to eliminate the wage gap.

For the record, ladies, most of us earn 69 cents for every dollar a man makes in W PA...

Oddly enough, my neighborhood dollar store owner doesn't say, howsabout a 31 cent discount on your purchase? Nor does my grocer, auto mechanic or credit card company.

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