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Senator Casey is working to make birth control affordable again!

Dear sherry,

Senator Bob Casey, Jr. has joined the fight to fix skyrocketing birth control prices on college campuses!

As many of you know, a legislative oversight went into effect in 2007 preventing college health centers and safety net providers from puchasing low-cost birth control. As a result, birth control prices increased by as much 900% across the country!

Since last year, you have done your part to ask your members of Congress to REPRESENT YOU in this battle. After months of work, Senator Casey came out in full support as a co-sponsor of the bill to bring back affordable birth control!

Please join us in expressing your gratitude! Will you send an email to Senator Casey thanking him for his leadership on this issue? Click below or on "send this message" to send Senator Casey the email provided, which is available for editing.

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):
Senator Bob Casey (if you live in Pennsylvania)

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: Thank you for signing on to the Prevention Through Affordable Access bill!

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

Thank you for honoring your commitment to family planning and access to affordable birth control for the women in Pennsylvania!

The Prevention Through Affordable Access bill is exactly the remedy needed to bring down the skyrocketing prices of birth control on college campuses and at other safety net providers.

We appreciate your continued leadership on this important issue, and we expect Congress to act swiftly and accordingly to fix this problem affecting thousands of Pennsylvanians.


What's At Stake:

Since safety net providers and college health centers lost their ability to purchase low-cost drugs, some women's monthly birth control has increased by 900%!
Millions of women nationwide have felt the effect of this oversight and now have to choose between paying their bills, or buying their birth control.
The fight isn't over yet! We need Senator Specter's leadership on this issue too. Take a moment to call his Washington office at 202-224-4254 and ask for his support of the Prevention Through Affordable Access bill (S. 2347 is the bill number)!
There may be movement on this bill be the END OF APRIL - don't delay, please call Senator Specter!
For other ways to get involved, email

Campaign Expiration Date:
May 14, 2008

( i like casey. he's not flashy but he works hard. i don't always agree with his stand but this i am for in a big way. let him know if you are as well. thanks!)

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