Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's that time of year again...

When election protection needs volunteers! Oh the excitement! Oh the drama! The intrigue of it all!

"We are still recruiting Election Protection volunteers for the Pennsylvania primary this coming Tuesday. And we still need your help.

We'll be monitoring the polls and deploying volunteers in key spots in Allegheny County -- in communities where we have seen disenfranchisement in the past.Can you join us on Tuesday for all, or even just part of the day?

Please see the alert below for more information ... or if you're ready to sign up, go to this link to register and check out the volunteer training schedule.

Thanks! Together we can make sure Keystone State voters' rights are protected on Election Day.-- Celeste Taylor, Pennsylvania Coordinator

Dear Voting Rights Activist,
Tuesday, April 22 is primary election day in the Keystone State! Across the country, voter turnout has skyrocketed during this primary election season and we definitely expect the same for Pennsylvania. People For the American Way Foundation will be on the ground in Allegheny County with our nonpartisan Election Protection program protecting Pennsylvanians' right to vote, and have that vote counted.

We need your help!

Please sign up to volunteer with Election Protection as a poll monitor on April 22.
We encourage lawyers and non-lawyers alike, as well as college students and even high school students to sign up. Election Protection is a program that depends on the help of committed volunteers. We need volunteers to go to the precincts and make sure that voters are able to vote without any problems – and if there are problems, to be our eyes and ears at the polls.
Can you spare some time on Election Day to help protect the vote?
You can sign up to volunteer during the morning, afternoon, or evening shifts -- or, even better, you can volunteer all day.All Election Protection volunteers must attend a training session. Several training sessions are available in Pittsburgh. When you sign up, you will get to choose your training date and time.

Our work will be focused in Allegheny County communities that have traditionally had many disenfranchised voters. So far in this election cycle, throughout the country, thousands of eligible voters have been disenfranchised by receiving the wrong kind of ballot, voting machines malfunctioning, names not appearing on the rolls although they were registered or falsely being told that they had the wrong kind of ID. Don't let it happen in Pennsylvania!We hope you can join us as we make sure that voters in Allegheny County can cast their ballots on Tuesday."
-- The Election Protection Team, People For the American Way Foundation.

-Agent Ska-

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