Saturday, April 19, 2008

Primary Pittsburgh

Last night, well actually, it was this morning, but anyways, I had a dream. I had a dream about the Pgh Bloggers. No joke. And Lindsay was presenting her new idea to a bunch of odd ball, snickering bloggers.

I seemed to be in the lead for interrupting and making jokes (not really surprising). The guys from Carbolic were there and they kicked off the joke making, followed by the madman, and various others- I believe Maria was looking kinda confused and grumpy, but at the same time had a look on her face conveying, "Okay, fine what is this that is going on?".

Suddenly, Jim Motznik showed up, which really delayed this entire process by a good 15 minutes while we all scattered to discuss various things about Jim and to interrogate him. There was a lot of standing around of the bloggers in closed circles while looking at Jim and talking. I'm not sure why he was there, but he was.

So we were sat down in the basement of a local church. I mean, it's Pittsburgh, where else did you think it would be? And we were told to listen. Which I really struggled with, perhaps because I find it hard to take many things very seriously.

Lindsay began to tell us about this new project, Primary Pittsburgh, where people write in about things in Pittsburgh that are very edgy, hip, and non-rust belty. Perhaps cool tech things like robotics or dorkbot (or maybe not that). You get it. Cool stuff to make us look cool.

I interrupted to ask whether I should write a book about Pittsburgh Punk, past and present?

This is serious, folks. Please listen.

Lindsay raised her eyebrow and began to speak again. It was followed by a series of jokes behind hands about other snarky comments.

Anyways, so here's the idea behind Primary Pittsburgh:

With the presidential primary just a week away, Pittsburgh has received a tremendous amount of national press and blog coverage, both good and bad.

We are partnering with the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce in a cross-blogging experiment to highlight and tell some of the stories that we know that make Pittsburgh great. This website is a collection of blog posts that tell their own primary story about Pittsburgh. Our goal is to collect your stories about Pittsburgh and share across many local blogs. We hope you will reference other bloggers posts about the project and add your comments.

This is an opportunity to connect blogs from all genre’s around an event - the Presidential Primary.

Who can share their stories?

You can. Have a blog? Post your Pittsburgh story and we will share it here. Don’t have a blog? Then send us your story and we will publish it for you.

How do I participate?

Write up your story on your blog and share it with us by leaving a comment here. Don’t have a blog? not a problem - Just leave your story right here in the comments and we will publish it here.


So somewhere in my dream I saw the words, "Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce". I found this very funny, I'm not sure why, but I did. The idea of a group with the name, "Chamber" in its name combined with "Pittsburgh bloggers" struck me as funny.

[In the dream it was going to be made into a book, unlike in real life. In the book it was more of a historic look at stores past and present. I interrupted to ask why we were publishing a book about racism and segregation in East Liberty? I was told to shhhhh, Agent Ska, shhhhh. Sit back down.]

So people. Go write a story and cross post it so that Pittsburgh looks like it's cool 'n' stuff.


Agent Ska

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