Saturday, April 12, 2008

I think this describes it.

I've been asking Obama supporters why they are supporting him, but also, when they first decided that they wanted to support him. I like to look at graffiti blogs and I came across this picture. I think it sums up many an Obama supporter's feelings. I found it on The Pacific Northwest Graffiti blog.

Agent Ska


  1. that's about it.

    tho, as i've said before. i think he can go far in repairing our relations with the rest of the world. we need them for many reasons.
    i also think he will bring a new outlook, a different perspective.
    i'm 56, the vietnam generation, the 60's mindset. yes, we still have things to offer but i'm honest enough to admit we need obama's generation and life outlook.

    i will vote for whoever is selected. hilliary is vell quailfied but i think obama has more to offer this country at this time.

  2. I love this. Period. I'll be out of town for the primary, but don't you worry, I've already mailed in my absentee ballot. Cause I'm a geek when it comes to voting.