Sunday, April 13, 2008

John Fetterman Speaks Out

I'm on the Obama and Clinton email lists. I was also on John Edwards before he pulled out.

I can't say that I open them very often. After awhile, I got tired of them.

However, today, Obama's people sent out an email with John Fetterman's name on it.

I opened the e-mail.

I think John Fetterman is awesome. Awesome awesome.

I feel a little more inclined to vote for Obama now.

Oh, indecision indecision.

John Fetterman may be one of the few politicians whose opinion matters to me. Maybe the only one.

Actually, after giving this last statement some thought I came up with two others I trust: Heather Arnet and Georgia Berner.

-Agent Ska-


  1. I also got that e-mail. Yes, J. Fetterman is a great guy.

  2. Can someone forward that?

    I was only ever on the Joe Biden e-mail list, and even that exhausted me.

  3. Thanks Agent Ska for the kind words. I'll try to live up to that trust. FYI, you're one of my favorite bloggers. I loved the piece about the "other onorato" - a member of my staff at WGF is from Italy and she and I were having much fun checking out the other onorato' all the best and keep in touch, heather arnet

  4. Heather,

    How can you announce to a society of 36 women bloggers that you have a favorite? :-)


  5. "one of my favorites" - :-)
    But really - women bloggers - what's NOT to like? I love what you are ALL doing here. Keep it up!