Wednesday, October 31, 2007

15 Society Bloggers Generally Lean Left. What About the Rest of Yinz?

Hey, hey, hey. Our very own Ms. Mon and Liz Perry represent in today's PG article about she-bloggers in the burghosphere.

According to journalista MacKenzie Carpenter, we lean left and hang with the TMC crowd. That's not exactly how I put it during our chat, but what can you do?

Actually, I made a comment on our Society email list that I should make a concerted effort to recruit mommy bloggers, intending to be only 75% snarky. To my delight, several members chimed in pointing out their various stages of mommydom which was a smack in the head I really needed.

The article was a nice little piece, but felt a bit more Barbara McCloud than Sally Kalson if you know what I mean. I hope it draws more visitors our way, but I can't wait to see what the man called Potter does when he finally delves into the Society secrets.


  1. i think it will be eye opening to see what comes from the article.

    me, i think it's cool.
    and at least no one rated how any of us wear our hair or what size jeans we wear. ; )

  2. Well, I mean, I AM part of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy!

  3. I liked it. I wonder who they were alluding to when they said they "deconstruct cupcake stores in Shadyside" because, I do that sometimes.

    And I was a little surprised when they said that we hang with the TMC. I mean yeah, we've been gathering up $$ for that ad or whatever, but I don't think that constitutes us becoming a part of the FBI file on them... ahem...

  4. Yes, well, little inaccuracies persist (for what it's worth, I'm 48 and not 51, and most people call my block Friendship or East Liberty rather than Bloomfield :-)) but all that aside, it's great to see a local paper covering a varied range of blogs by women - not needing to put us all into one category or another - and devoting that much space to it. It's great to see all the voices celebrated, and to see all the links in the online version of the article, and to realize that there are people who may start listening to a different and more diverse set of voices as a result.

    And don't forget that shout out in the lede that mentioned our own Agent Ska as a well-known anonymous blogger. Yay.