Wednesday, October 3, 2007

just watch, please.

if you've got daughters, granddaughters niece, watch, hell watch it for yourself if for no one else.


  1. I have two daughters whom I care about deeply... the Dove Soap campaign is interesting and well done... I just wish it was really a grass-roots effort and not corporate/guerilla/viral marketing for Dove's "pure" soaps...

    Anyways, as a parent of young girls, I am more and more aware of the barrage of ads and messages being directed their way... As with everything, I believe knowlege is power, and communication is key. As long as it stays two-ways between my girls and me (and my wife), I think I/we will be able to help them deal with whatever confronts them, day after day. Thanks.

  2. yes, nice if it hadn't been an ad but in a way, the fact that this is an ad might mean more to people.

    ads are a big part of the problem it would be nice to see more companies be responsible for a solution.

  3. FYI: My doctor, my Mom's doctor and my grandmother's doctor all recommend using Dove soap. (The antibacterial soaps on the market are generally too harsh for most women.)

    And, with all the ads out there making women feel bad about themselves, it is nice to have one company that tries to make women feel good about themselves exactly the way they are. Even if it is a marketing ploy, at least it's a healthy one.

  4. I'm allergic to everything (Pepto Bismol? Black tongue! Zinc cold lozenges? Hives! Ragweed? Gag me with a spoon that will scratch the back of my throat!)

    But enough about me.

    There's nothing we can do to stop the advertising machine, and soap is something most people buy, so I'm with Maria on this -- along with the soap, sell us the idea that beauty comes in every package.

    I'll buy that.