Wednesday, October 3, 2007

URGENT! Email Your Rep to Support EC Access for Rape Survivors Now

Emergency Contraception for Rape Victims:


House Bill 288, the Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies (CARE) Act, will finally have a vote in the Pennsylvania House TODAY!

House Bill 288 requires all Pennsylvania hospitals to provide information about and access to emergency contraception (EC) medication to rape survivors if they request it - a critical tool to empower survivors by giving them a choice when it comes to preventing a pregnancy as a result of assault.

The opposition is flooding House members with emails, and now the women of Pennsylvania need YOU to stand up and do the same. This vote will be extremely close and adding your voice can make the difference.

You can email your rep via NARAL Pro-Choice Pennsylvania or via Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates, but, you have to do it right NOW.



  1. I just called my rep, Chelsa Wagner, and shared my view. Her staff told me they couldn't speak for her for sure, but that she had been asked by the Leadership to speak against the amendments weakening the bill. He also confirmed that the vast majority (his words) of the constituent contact was in favor of the legislation (letters, email, phone calls). There is a vocal minority.

    I might add that Chelsa is on the record as somewhat pro-life so her support on this legislation may carry more credibility among the prolife/Republic crowd. In this case, that's a good thing.

    Thanks for bringing this up Maria. I'm going to pass along.


  2. i got the e-mail early this morning and already replied.

    i hope everyone does.

  3. Email v calling?

    My inclination is to call. Casey, Fontana, Wagner and Doyle's offices always send me follow up letters. Specter's offices don't even ask for my name, even if I say I'd like a letter. Rendell's office has told me to email rather than call, that calls aren't recorded.

    It is tough to know the best approach. I've also been told that handwritten letters make the most impact.

    Your thoughts?

  4. could be but i've always gotten resposes for my e-mails so i know at least they showed up.

    the only snarky ones i've ever gotten were from santorum and hart.

  5. that's interesting. does specter's office respond to you email messages? i've never had any response from him.

    another interesting point .. Santorum's folks had the quickest turnaround on letters. Most of the time, he didn't really address my issue. But he certainly created the perception of being responsive.

  6. yes, i've always gotten really fast responses from spector's office. i get fast response from altmire's and casey's.

    santorum was slow and when he lost the election his e-mails directed people to get in touch with the new guy(never used his name) even tho santorum was still in office. sore loser. hart's answers were condecending at best arrogant at the worst. so much so that i stopped trying. it wasn't worth an ulcer to me.

  7. I always got written responses from Santorum's office.

    Never once a response of any sort from Arlen's.

  8. Sorry to respond so late, but, I too have always gotten a snailmail response when I've coalled or emailed Lil Ricky. Don't think I've received anything from Arlen either.

    It probably was a good idea to email the reps yesterday only becuase of the urgency. Normally, I'd prefer to call then send a form email.

  9. So the legislators voted to postpone because they were too afraid to take a "tough" vote, presumably they're afraid to vote to ask that Catholic Hospitals show some compassion, and they don't want to go on record voting against rape victims. (and rightly so.) So, in this case a Yea vote is bad -- a vote to chicken out. A Nay vote is good, a vote to take a stand for victims:

    The vote count is at

    This issue is supposedly coming up in two weeks (oct. 22nd) but my guess is they're trying to prevent any vote. Please call again to tell them you're angry they didn't vote! They need to know people are watching and they can't get away with this....