Monday, October 15, 2007


And does Al Gore still want to take credit when it goes off?


Ah, the world of social networking/social media. I see our local lifecasting star iJustine has removed the "donate" button from her live feed site, but it's still on her blog (help keep the hair-twirling coming!).

Is it any nobler to solicit a new computer rather than a boob job?

There are still plenty of others on who do have the donation button on their feed, and there appears to be a growing number of people who think they are so fascinating that you should give them money for the riveting experience of watching them sleep. One woman wants you to donate toward her birthday gift. Another wants you to help buy her a Wii.

Making Justin essentially a cyber pimp to the newest Internet sensation, the social media whore. (I'm including men.)

Why Pittsburgh Councilor Bill Peduto thinks he needs to associate himself with this wasteland is still beyond me.


  1. The only hair twirling at lesbian central is either being spewed by an annoyed cat or drifting incessantly from a dog. I'd like someone to pay for a housekeeping service so I'm free to blog at will instead of chasing pesky hairballs around. Lesbian Central can use some sprucing up.
    And, maybe, sippy cups for grown ups so I don't have to worry about the spillage factor so much. Especially if you factor in the tail swishing.
    Boobs, I've got aplenty.
    That being said my birthday is coming up on Oct 22 so all gifts are welcome. Especially the good wishes kind.
    Ms. Mon - laughter is a great gift.

  2. I don't know if the Donate Now thing is distasteful. I've actually considered being even more trite and putting a link to a "wish list" of gifts I would like people to purchase for me. It's another way for people to get to know me (sorry, "us") by searching through stuff we like, and who knows? Maybe there is a Luke-hating benefactor out there who'd like to spring for Xena Season II on DVD.

  3. I was rethinking what I wrote last night. Is it really fair to call them all whores?

    Each lifecaster is different, and even though I realize this brave new virtual world is still in its infancy, I grapple (you can do that when you're my age) with the idea that it has any intrinsic or extrinsic value other than to the person broadcasting (and even then ... ). Of course, many years ago, people were saying the same thing about television.

    Some lifecasters are more like Internet beggars -- like the female college student who lost a job and wants "help." The only difference is that beggars on the street aren't offering the "privilege" of witnessing their morning grooming routine in return for "chipping in."

    Even though I don't like the medium that is "," I don't have a problem with soliciting donations, as one woman does, for an animal cause.

    I wouldn't have a problem with Bram putting a donate button on his blog, because he does offer an entertaining public information service, but I wouldn't give him money to buy toys. Some clothes? Maybe. :P

    More broadly, I'm just not sure what the end is to all of these means ...

    Honestly (and now I'm "doing a Barbara Cloud," but I think she's great), nothing tears my heart out more on a daily basis than watching a mother drag her child by the arm while she's engaged in a cell phone conversation. One of the BEST memories of my childhood was of my mother taking me to a open field (we lived next to a farm)and doing nothing but watching the clouds roll by and ... talking to her.

    So Bram, should I put a donate button for my teens' college fund? One is planning to be an orthopedic surgeon, the other wants to be an attorney. I'm thinking, I dunno, a goal of like, what -- in the ballpark of $769,098.03?

  4. Oh, and Bram -- I can count on you for the first $5, right?

    In return, you can watch me match socks!


  5. You narrowly missed out on being Lincoln-worthy when you chose to cast T.T. McFlash they Mayor's vendor, instead of his employer. THAT'S comedy gold.

    I think internet whoredom might conceivably come into play if and when a blogger saturates his or her content with promotion for technology and software from any one particular company, FWIW.