Tuesday, October 2, 2007

End of "The Man Station"

I have to admit I have only listened to The John McIntire Show and a few moments of Scott Paulsen so my perspective on the whole "Manly Men" format is skewed. Not that I don't think of John as a manly man, mind you, just in a lesbian-friendly sort of way. I don't really have an opinion on Scott Paulsen's manliness b/c he was just the guy who used to be with Jim Krenn and followed McIntire.

So, first, ladies of The Society let's all give a shout out to our own blogger, Gab, who just lost her job. She makes us laugh and think --- amazing! Gab, it sucks to lose your job, much less so publicly. Tap into the resiliency and bounce back cause we (at least Ledcat and I) love you.

I am very saddened to see John leave the airwaves (at least for now). He can be immature, naughty and over-the-top, but he's one of the staunchest allies of the LGBTQ community in this region. He talks about issues that other media outlets fail to acknowledge. He understands the issues. He knows the players and really grasps the hatred and fear underlying the "family values" rhetoric.

During his tenure on television and radio, John has done more to normalize being gay than any other public figure in this region with the possible exception of Dan Frankel. John dragged this Lesbian Correspondent from WPTT to KDKA to The Man Station. We laughed, we mocked, we pushed boundaries and made more than a few folks uncomfortable and unhappy. But through it wall, we talked about the homosexual experience on the air and that's unprecedented.

While I'm sorry that my friends lost their jobs (totally sucks, you guys!), I am also very sorry that we are back to one liberal voice on the local airwaves. While I'm not really enamored of the man station label, I wonder why we can't have more balance on the radio here in Pittsburgh?

I won't even go there.

This lesbian is sad to see the Man Station go. Rest in peace.


  1. add me to the list mourning johnny mac's being off the air.

    and gab, who i don't know but it sucks anytime a job is lost!

    i've always rooted for him!

  2. him as in john, not gab who is NOT a him.

    sometimes i write exactly like i speak.

    fine if you can see me and hear the inflections, not so good if you are reading.

    odd for a poet, but that's me, odd! ; )

  3. This sucks for Gab and John and Pittsburgh!