Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Peduto proposes amendments to Police DV Bill

In today's P-G:


The changes are: "...compel the Police Bureau to refer all allegations of domestic violence by officers to the independent Citizen Police Review Board."

bar the hiring or promotion of anyone subject to a PFA or criminal domestic violence investigation. "

force officers who are subjects of criminal domestic violence investigations or protection from abuse orders to "surrender all firearms, including their primary service weapon, immediately"

As Peduto states, this is standard practice established by the International Assn. of Police Chiefs & is the policy of the U.S. Military.


  1. Does the CPRB have the resources to handle these investigations in a timely manner? If not, will the legislation fund those resources?

  2. Could someone please add specifics as to what's facing a vote on Oct. 31? Is it Bill No. 2007-1797? Are Peduto's amendments to that bill?

  3. Complete reasonable suggestions. Resolve the allegations in accordance with due process in the cop's favor before promoting him. It is astounding that this is so controversial.