Monday, October 22, 2007

Council to vote on Police Domestic Violence Bill

Council's preliminary vote will be held on Oct. 31 at 1:30. This means their final vote won't occur until after the election, so we have to put the full-court press on now.

We really need to let our Council reps & the Mayor know that we want them to support this ordinance & that we do not want the addition of amendments that will weaken the bill.

Please note that Councilmembers Doug Shields & Bill Peduto are infavor of this bill, but contact them anyway & thank them.

Please contact them this week:


Phone: 412-255-2626

Fax: 412-255-2687

City Council

Len Bodack, Jr. -

Telephone: 412-255-2140

Fax: 412-255-2419

Twanda Carlisle -

TELEPHONE: 412-255-2137

FAX: 412-255-8658

Dan Deasy -

Telephone: 412-255-8963

Fax: 412-255-2821

Darlene Harris –

Telephone: 412-255-2135

Fax: 412-255-2129

Jeff Koch –

Telephone: 412-255-2130

Fax: 412-255-8950

Jim Motznik -

Telephone: 412-255-2131

Fax: 412-255-2821

Tonya Payne –

Telephone: 412-255-2134

Fax: 412-255-2821

Bill Peduto -

Telephone: 412-255-2133

FAX: 412-255-2821

Doug Shields -

Phone: 412-255-8965

Fax: 412-255-2821


  1. It really blows my mind that there would be a possibility of this not passing! What a no-brainer...I hope their phones ring off the hook!

  2. Frank,

    Please add your own ringtones to the phones ringing off the hook & ask your Pgh. friends, neighbors & family to do so also.

    Thanks Frank, G