Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Police DV Bill vote postponed. Who's surprised?

Thanks to those of you who’ve been contacting Councilmembers to urge them to pass the Police Domestic Violence Bill & its four amendments.

The vote’s been postponed for two weeks.

This morning 6 of our 9 council members postponed a vote on the police domestic violence bill & 3 of the 4 amendments. They didn’t include the 4th amendment, which I think is the most important, (it covers restricting use of firearms & review of cases by the independent CPRB (civilian police review board).

Only council members Koch, Peduto & Shields voted against postponing the vote.

All I can say is shame on Council members Bodack, Carlisle, Deasy, Harris, Motznick, Payne.

Despite months of working, researching & lobbying both council & the mayor’s office, supporters of the bill are again put on hold til after the election. Supporters’ efforts, (going on since July!), to schedule a meeting with the mayor went unanswered. Unanswered until last week when the Mayor told the City Paper that the bill’s supporters were the ones holding up the works.

The mayor & his administration did not want action on this issue until after the election. Today they got their wish. I guess that dragging your feet & refusing to act have their rewards, but not for the people of Pittsburgh.