Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blogher '08


I know I sent this out via e-mail but I thought I would also post it here for any women out there who are readers and not authors.

Blogher is the national blog that houses lots and lots and lots of women bloggers from all over the USA (I'm sure that that's not their official elevator pitch).

They have various conferences.

I'm looking to go to the one this summer in San Fran.

Conference List Here.

Agent Ska


  1. Agent Ska,

    I have also been planning to save for and attend BlogHer this summer. I have always been a fan, especially now with their sponsorship of my blog.

    If you're interested, they offer a few free "tuitions" to the conference if you agree to live blog at the convention. I can find the address of the woman in charge of this aspect for anyone interested.

  2. Yes! That'd be awesome to do the live blogging deal. I'm also waiting to hear from Liz Perry in terms of sharing rooms. If you're interested, we might all be able to figure out a room sharing thing.

  3. Well, I was more just waiting to hear from her in general...but I was also going to ask about rooms.

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