Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Police DV Bill passed

Today, by a unanimous vote of Council.


  1. From Tacoma, I yearn for a play by play of the day.

    Council member Peduto yielded to the will of the people - and his hesitancy gives me assurance that within the undeniable progress of this accomplishment there is awareness of what is deliberately lacking.

    High five to the people of Pittsburgh who brought the issue and changes this far.

  2. My thanks to Council President Shields who convened a public hearing in July on the Mayor's promotions of officers with DV histories, the comprehensive 4 hour post agenda on Police and Domestic Violence last fall, met with everyone - women's groups, FOP, mayor - countless times, wrote and introduced the legislation and artfully juggled the diverse interests and amendments for nearly four months and produced a 8-0 "yes" vote, and brought the Mayor along for the ride. CP Doug Shields and his staff did an amazing job with a very hot political potato. He could not have done so without the many voices who supported the effort. Great team work produces great results! We all should be very proud of the passage of this long over due Ordinance.

  3. Youtube:

    [PA] Pittsburgh City Council approves Police DV Policy