Sunday, December 30, 2007

a little tah dah for poetry!

i posted this on my blog as well.
it's an e-mail i just received from the head of the poetry kit list
who is also the main list administrator (i'm the other one. the "american cousin" one, so to speak!)

this is a wonderful award and worth a read. ( a little poetry, couldn't hurt )

; )

This years recipient of the Ted Slade award is Connie Pickard, who has organised events at Morden Tower in Newcastle since 1964. You can see the excellent site for Morden Tower and read something of the long history of the venue at

Connie has been informed today so please feel free to contact her at if you would like to pass on your congrats. I am also pleased to say that I have reached an arrangement with the University of Liverpool to display the glass trophy that we have obtained and which, when the new plinth for it is ready, will carry the names of recipients of the award.

If you would like to know more about the award go to

The Official Citation

Each year at Poetry Kit we have a nomination and voting process to make a number of awards. The most important one as far as we are concerned is to make a good choice for the Ted Slade Award. Ted Slade was the founder of the Poetry Kit and the award is a recognition of others who like him gave freely of their time and energy in order to help preserve a platform for poetry at the grass roots in the UK or to develop an audience for it.

I am incredibly honoured to tell you that the award this year has been awarded to you for your tireless work in providing a platform for poetry.

The award will be listed on the front page of Poetry Kit Website where it will be seen by our 10 thousand plus visitors each day and their name will be inscribed on the trophy which will be on permanent public display.

You can find out more about the award at

The recipients of this award are;
Sally Evans
(Poetry Scotland)
Gerald England
(New Hope Int.)


Michael Horovitz

(Poetry Olympics)


Connie Pickard

(Morden Tower)


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