Friday, December 28, 2007

Metrobloggers in Pakistan

I should probably be posting this on Metro Blogs, but as there's already a post about it here, I thought I would follow-up. I just received an e-mail from Sean Bonner, The Big Cheese of MetroBloggers, concerning Pakistan. [Copy and Pasted below.]

"Hey Metrobloggers!

Just a really quick note for you at the moment. As you might haveheard there have been some major events in Pakistan in the last 24hours including the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Of course, thePakistani Metrobloggers are doing an amazing job covering the news andlocal reactions and major press is noticing very quickly. Check out afew of these stories:

If you want to follow this, or see more about any of it check out anyone (or all three) of our blogs there:

you can also follow metroblogging on twitter where we'll be postingannouncements as they come in:

I've had a few people ask if they can write about our blogs in theircity, even if it isn't related and of course pointing people in yourcity to what were doing in other cities during major events isperfectly OK. You can see how Markland in LA did this very thing:

OK, that's all for now. Stay safe everyone, and keep up the amazing work!

-Agent Ska-

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