Tuesday, December 11, 2007


No politician wants to raise property taxes (or give the appearance that they do).

Of course not. Then no one will vote for them.

So, why not start from the top -- and tap those resources -- and then work your way down, and get homeowners to actually pay the property taxes they should first? For example, off the top of my head, I can tell you about a home in Fox Chapel that was purchased for $750,000 and the owners are only paying on a value of little more than $500,000 in property taxes. It's not just there. It's in Squirrel Hill. Shadyside. It's everywhere. (Andy Sheehan, where are you?)

This should incense you (unless you are one of the people wealthy enough to afford a quarter-million dollar home and your conscience allows you to get away with a huge tax rebate). You can find it all over the Allegheny County Property Assessment page. Of course, Danny "The Goosekiller" Onorato and his cronies decided to take away your ability to search by name -- so if you want to find a pattern (say, just cosmically, among people with "connections" to this or that) -- it would be a lot harder to find.

Dan Onorato is making waves and headlines, because he's busy poising himself for his next gig.


  1. You mean this is a bigger blogging story than say the sale of Kennywood! Sarcasm...I can't believe mroe people care about that and are commenting like mad, than the newly impossed drink tax. Oh wait...its the Kennywood sale AND the threat of no smoking.

  2. Xenophobia!

    Yeah -- And what about Mary Lou's "Taco Stand" comment? I have to say that, in my experience with Mary Lou, I've found her to be quite charming (for a flack) and she strikes me as a genuinely nice individual. I think Ms. Rosemeyer's comment is begin blown out of proportion. (And what the hell isn't these days, in the holy name of politically correctness?) I should check the Carbolic to see if they have any hilarious commentary ...