Monday, December 10, 2007


Since I know we're a diverse group and this speaks for itself, I present what some of you will probably find to be the scariest thing since "Jesus Camp."

Please keep in mind that the first commandment of Conservapedia states that "everything you post must be true and verifiable."

Especially keep that in mind when you read about the debate over whether the kangaroos got to Australia by riding on rafts.

Since I'm familiar with the Focus on the Family view on single mothers, I queried that term. When that didn't work, I tried the more-Christian-y "wedlock." No luck, but I was presented with a link to the "Bastard" page.

And here are some of the more interesting bits:

Global Warming
Gay Marriage
Planned Parenthood

And the not-so-surprising Condoms

After all that, the Examples of Bias in Wikipedia are particularly entertaining.


  1. i've had that site bookmarked for some time now. it helps to stir either outrage or laughter depending on the day!

    my thoughts, people like this can vote!

  2. I read the passage on women and now my head hurts...and my teeth (from grinding them)...and my hands (from balling them into fists).

    [Must not read any more!]

  3. This website is priceless. Here is the entirety of the introduction on Bill Clinton, the bare-bones essentials:

    "William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton (August 19, 1946 - present) served two terms as the 42nd President of the United States of America from 1993-2000, following George H. W. Bush and preceding George W. Bush.

    Clinton aggressively advocated homosexuality."

    This is demonstrably false. At the very most, Bill advocated sexuality period.