Friday, December 28, 2007

Isn't She Lovely?

The Post-Gazette's most feminist columnist, Tony Norman, gave our Maria a shout out.

I canvassed colleagues and friends to help me create a parallel list: "The
25 Most Beautiful People for Now" in Pittsburgh. I am grateful for all their
suggestions, but the final list (in no particular order) was concocted according
to standards known only to me:

David DeAngelo and Maria Lupinacci are co-founders of "2 Political
Junkies," one of the most popular political blogs in town. David is no Adonis,
but he and Maria do have "beautiful minds."

As further proof of just how beautiful they are, check out Maria's latest metamorphosis ... I bet no one from the Top 25 Beautiful People from Pittsburgh Magazine would show such creativity!

And just for the record, the lesbians believe that David does have Adonisish qualities ... especially around the glasses.

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