Monday, December 10, 2007

Chatham Campaign Training for Women

From Early Returns....

"More Benningtons to come?

Are political stars born, or made? Chatham University is betting they can be made, and is holding its Pennsylvania Women's Campaign School from Jan. 25 to 27.

The 2 1/2-day workshop is meant to teach participants to create an effective campaign message, handle communication crises, manage criticism and raise money. Teams of participants will work together to simulate campaigns and network with elected officials.

"The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania currently ranks 44th in the number of women serving in its Legislature with only 37 women serving as of the current legislative session," said Dr. Allyson Lowe, the director of the Pennsylvania Center for Women, Politics, and Public Policy, in a press release from which this blog item draws most of its information. "The limited presence of women in public leadership creates a compelling interest in organizations, like ours, to train women to successfully run a campaign; we are dedicated to producing candidates who are both capable of running and winning, like Campaign School alum Representative Lisa Bennington" who toppled Rep. Frank Pistella in 2006.

That's the same Ms. Bennington who recently opted to give back her annual cost-of-living raise.

Tuition is $200, and registration forms are due Jan. 9. And remember, campaign school makes a thoughtful holiday gift for the politically ambitious woman on your list."

Thanks to Bram for bringing this to my attention.

-Agent Ska-

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