Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a question of sheets and men and women

while posting on my blog about my excitement over finding good sheets in a great color i started to wonder why it seems that more women care about sheets and such then men do.
is that really the way that it is or are men leery of saying they have favorite colors or even know about thread counts? i knew a guy who picked out the wall papers and paints for his home but insisted that his wife tell friends that they were her choices. silly isn't it? says a lot about our culture around here than at first thought.
so, i'm wondering is it stereotypical to believe that things like sheet choice or paint shade is a female concern unless it is a man's business like interior design or are there many men like my friend out there, just somehow thinking it is GASP, unmanly to care about those things?
any ideas?


  1. I can say my husband doesn't care...hence why my bedroom that was supposed to be a nice light blue is an atrocious dark instead. Oh and our sheets...he did pick those out...but they don't match anything we own...

  2. thanks. i've met men from all different walks of life and very few have said that they cared and the ones that did or picked colors and styles would not admit it. as if it were a dark secret.