Saturday, December 8, 2007


Saw this outside a tavern on Route 88 in Castle Shannon this afternoon.
Fellow blogger (but-not-just-a-blogger) MacYapper says get used to it. I say that's the attitude of an old, unimpassionated fart. But I'm sure if he were a rebel back in the day, he'd have tried to grab the biggest crate of tea all by himself at that Boston Tea Party, just for the photo op.*

I've considered arguments on both sides, but what the distillery boils down to for me as a member of the shrinking "middle class" is that plainly, I'm just sick and fucking tired of being nickeled and dimed to death.

Danny "The Goosekiller" Onorato should be shaking down the pockets of, oh, I dunno -- nonprofit obscenities like UMPC, that, while claiming to be making quality of life better, are, in the end, just softly killing us all.

Politicians can't do that, though -- because corporations run the world, and your "public servants" are there to simply do their bidding, though they go to excruciatingly elaborate -- almost surreal -- extremes to convince you otherwise. Anymore, I feel like I'm just watching the Theatre of the Absurd when I see a political debate.

Their greatest red herring is the continued polarization of left and right in America. Some of their greatest aids are our complacency and our fascination with the rich, the famous and the morbid. Wretched consumerism is the opium of the people.

* Ms. Mon likes Yapper, even if he is annoying, so if you don't know the back story, this is good-natured ribbing. Oh, and it would have been more like an "illustration op," since they didn't have cameras back then.

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