Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Care & Feeding of a Campaign

Pennsylvania poised to reap campaign dollars”

Two of my favorite things in the article:

1. The reporters call the acreage between Philly & Pittsburgh “…a massive rural belly…”

2. Because it’s already a busy convention season in Philly, some campaign & media members will have to stay, gulp, “…in South Jersey."

Interesting tidbits:

A. TV ads - Clinton & Obama will spend $10 million in PA on TV ads alone. (Stop salivating ‘TAE, ‘PXI & KD, $7 mil of that will be spent in Philly, you’ll have to duke it out with the likes of Scranton & Wilkes Barre for the remaining $3 mil.)

B. Political rallies cost $20,000 - $30,000 each. (The ears of VFW Hall managers across the state have officially perked up).

C. Care & feeding of livestock - campaign groupies, staffers, reporters and, ugh, political pundits, will spend another $30 mil. at bars, eating Primantis sandwiches and buying their “OK” magazines at PA newsstands.


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