Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meghan McCain steps into the Ring!

I was listening to the political podcast, "Fair Game: Bite the Bullet", when they brought up Meghan McCain's new blog and a ridiculous youtube video that was posted on it.

I was sitting at the computer, listening to this podcast, so I decided to look up her blog. It is aptly titled, "".

Then I came across an article in about her blog.

When I began to read her blog, I had to wonder:

a.) Is this a campaign gimmick?

b.) Is she for real?

The thing was, I kept reading her blog. Then, I came across the article...and it was surprisingly interesting. From what she says in the article, she seems pretty easy to read along with and like. Her willingness to talk and blog are a stark contrast to Chelsea's silence.

"Cindy McCain said she wanted to make sure that Meghan was ready for the flak that might come. "The only thing that was ever discussed with Meghan," she says, "was making sure that she understood by upping her public profile she was upping herself as a target."

After reading the article, it's clear that she hasn't been spared the political spotlight.

"In 2000, when her father ran an insurgent Republican primary campaign, the prospect of her having a hypothetical abortion became the subject of national political chatter. "It's the really sick part of politics," Meghan explains. "Everybody Googles everybody when they go on a date with them. I got set up with a guy a few years ago. He was like, 'Is it really true that people asked about your hypothetical abortion?' I was like, this is a fun date."

I couldn't help but laugh at that last line.

Although Bush and John Kerry had daughters, they didn't seem to be a very ah, helpful aspect of the campaign.

However, Chelsea and Meghan seem to be a positive add-on to their parents' campaigns. And lest we forget, Obama has two little girls. When I saw Michelle Obama speak, she apologized for her daughters, saying that they just wanted to be left alone so that they could read their Harry Potter books. The crowd loved this, too.

Is it the year of the Political Daughter? I think so.

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