Sunday, March 23, 2008

KDKA: Round 2

After 8 minutes, I'm more in HRC's camp.

Before debate resumes, a bit of Jon Delano's interview with Hillary. I think I saw this on the news. She defines Pittsburgh as resiliant, as evolving, as worthy of admiration. Is Pennsylvania friendly to female candidates? She deftly avoids criticizing us on this issue. Democrats can't win the White House without Pennsylvania. JD -- Obama claims he had more foreign policy experience than Bill when he assumed office. HRC - I wonder what evidence supports that audacious claim. I'm proud of my record. HRC - Endorsements are votes of confidence. Reminds us that her work on CHIP (sChip) covers 140,00 PA children. Sidesteps issue of race and Rendell's campaign.

Back to the chat,

KR; The mathematics favor Obama. Impossible for Clinton to win conventionally.

HA: Come June, we'll see that Clinton has won every essential state so as a party that's something to consider. This will matter in the General Election. (This was taped on Friday).

RB: Everbody has a right to run for elected office. Obama will have the most pledge delegates and probably the largest popular voice. It is important for us to do what is fair and right. Obama has won this campaign. For specialized delegates or states to determine the nominee would be unfortunate. Because he earned it and because it will send a global signal.

HA: I agree, disenfranchising millions of voters is not just.

DR: This isn't a popular election. Are superdelegates supposed to mirror the popular voters or represent the party's interest.

RB: We have a history where the elite make decisions for everyone. This has to be a transparent obvious decision. They have to follow the will of the people. Anything that would turn this election to a few elite people to make a choice based on self-interest and ignore the masses Obama who has brought in for the first time, will take us back to racial divide and gender exclusion. It is dark and sinister.

HA: Superdelegates are complicated. They are often elected officials. In Burgess' scenario, Senator Kennedy should support Hillary because his state voted for her. Senator Kennedy is supporting Obama. There are many superdelegates on both sides who aren't following the will of the people who voted for them. Superdelegates are supposed to help determine how the party will fare in the general election.

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