Friday, March 14, 2008

Cloaks are hott.

Today I was waiting for my train at the Naples train station. Suddenly, four good-looking Italian soldiers walked by in their dress uniform. The uniform included a long cloak.

Now, I listen to a lot of tech podcasts and vodcasts and read a lot of tech blogs mostly written by men. I listen to them go on about what they like in women, etc. Hey, if they like women and they want to talk about it--that's fine. As long as they respect women they can talk about women all they want (although it's less than thrilling for me to listen to). Although sometimes I hear interesting things--like one guy said he loves it when girls wear a lot of buttons. Anyways...
As for myself, I wish there were more men walking around in military cloaks and capes. *sigh* I wish I'd taken some pictures of these soldiers. I just couldn't get over it for the rest of the night. I want to date a man in the military who wears a cape or cloak.

Dear Santa...

Although I'm looking for a cape or a cloak...a military uniform would never hurt... (Insert Agent Ska's cheesy smiling face over this girl's face).
Dear men of Pittsburgh:

Are you under the age of 50?

Does your job include wearing a military cloak?

Please contact.

Thank you.


Agent Ska

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  1. There's always the Society of Creative Anachronism. Plenty of men in cloaks there. And kilts as well.