Monday, March 31, 2008

I, too, yearn for equality.

I'm sitting here, thinking about what to write today, how to blog about the proposed marriage amendment in a meaningful way...and I'm not sure what to write about, as I have so much to say and it doesn't all fit into one coherent statement.

I found this monologue today- please be aware that the language is not safe for work:

In honor of the strong and fearless voice of Stacyann Chin, I'm going to extend my ability to take action past my keyboard. I'm going to step out into the world and speak, fearlessly, passionately, my opinions about this proposed amendment, the opinions that are too numerous to write in just one blog. I am going to sacrifice my anonymous comfort, look people in the eye, and speak. I'm going to take the chance that my voice will be heard, for I believe that there is power in each human voice that speaks up to say I too yearn for equality. Each voice that speaks feeds truth- a truth that I feel lives, a small seed, even in the most fearful, narrow, and closed-down American bellies: none are free until all are free.

I guess I do know what to say. I, too, yearn for equality.

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