Monday, March 10, 2008



  1. I think if Hillary is losing the Sherries of the world, her campaign must be having some real difficulties.

    Great image. Is it yours?

  2. nope i got it over at blue gal's site. love her blog.

    p.s. i am upset by g. ferraro's comments.
    especially after the 2nd ones.
    i think she said those things deliberately. they pander to bigots. my grandparents were so excited when she ran for vice president. my grandmother especially. she never thought she'd see the day that an italian-american woman could run for such high office(plus we are ferraros, no relation) i think they'd be saddened to here her say these things now.
    i am.

    and i think the clinton campaign should let her go just as the obama campaign got rid of the woman that called clinton a "monster" the other day.

    it's really upsetting to think that mccain's people are saving up their money and that we democrats are giving them talking points to use against whoever our nominee will be.

    i think obama can do this country more good here and abroad than clinton.

  3. So what finally made up your mind? I'm still "swinging", as it were.

  4. i sat and thought about why i liked each of them. i really looked at what they each said and how they said it. i looked for things that i wanted them to say and that they didn't. i tried to honestly look at each of them without the emotional baggage i might bring with my age, my gender and my life experiences.
    i had to honestly admit to myself that there are other generations after me that have valid viewpoints and a different set of needs for thier future. my daughter will be 35 in a few months.
    my granddaughter will be 4. yes, we are all females as clinton is and yes, i would love to see a woman president in my lifetime. i can't vote on just clinton's gender just as i wouldn't vote for obama simply because he is a black man, tho i'd dearly love to see the first black/ non-white male president in my lifetime.
    so, i had to look to what i thought each might bring to the presidency. i thought about bill clinton's presidency and even tho i think he was an outstanding president and i will always think so. he isn't running. she is. she is bright and strong but she has a lot of the sameold/sameold washinton routine. i realise there has to be, and always will be some of that in the system but i just feel unease in it at this time.
    i feel obama at least offers us the hope of something different. something new.
    yes, change is scary but i lived thru the upheavel of the 60's and i think more good than bad came of that era. sometimes we need the promise of something new. this has been one of the most energizing times politically since bobby kennedy in my opinion.
    i think too, that electing obama will go far in healing the bad image that the bush administration have given us in the eyes of most of the world. we need that. we can not go it alone in the world and we certainly can not offer any crits no matter how true to any other country given our actions in these past years!
    i think obama can do that and will actively work at it.
    as we know, sometimes image means a lot. if you can't get past image you can't really do much of anything. sad, but true.
    i also became fed up with hearing that it is hillary's "turn" now, obama later.
    it isn't anyone's TURN.
    i hear that about mccain as well and it really is upsetting. this isn't a playground. this isn't a reward for loyal partisanship.
    this is our country. this affects the world.
    then ferraro sealed it for me in the past few days. i think the clinton camp turned her loose to say what they could not in order to pander to the "alabama" in our state and by the recent polls, it is working here and i am ashamed.
    it seems the clinton camp has out republicaned the republicans. to me it's straight out of the rove "how to" book.

    i will vote for clinton if she wins the nomination, but my heart won't be in it and frankly i think the way she is conducting her campaign now,stinks.

    i think we democrats have a real talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and mccain will be our next president if a lot of democrats, especially in the black community decide to stay home and not vote at all in the presidential. i couldn't blame them at all if that happened because of the clinton stratagy here.

    my long winded rant. i ramble. : )

  5. I've been hearing a lot of the same reasons from others. You're def. not alone.