Friday, March 7, 2008

Persuade and Inform Me

Although I had planned to vote for Michelle Obama, I had been under the assumption that Pennsylvania would be an unimportant primary. Everyone kept saying, "Oh, by the time it gets here [PA], it will already be decided". Or not.

I've tried to inform myself about their stances. I've talked to people on both sides. I still feel very uninformed and unpersuaded.

Hillary's vote for the war just isn't going to swing me. Tons of people voted for it, in fact, I wasn't sure what I thought of the war at the beginning. It wasn't until a friend of mine was deployed, that I became really conscious of what was happening in Iraq.

I don't want to be an uninformed Obama voter who just votes for him because "he's cool" and I don't want to be an uninformed Clinton voter who I cite woman-supporting reasons for. I'm not saying those are the reasons other people have for supporting them, I'm just saying that that's all I come up with when I try to decide.

I listen to news podcasts. I am on their e-mail lists. I still don't know.

People I know in Italy keep asking me who I am supporting and I just keep saying, "No idea."

Someone. Persuade and inform me.


-A Swing Voter-


  1. i'm not 100 percent right now either but i am not happy that the clinton camp turns out to be the ones that reassured canada that they wouldn't change nafta and THEN leaked (falsely)that it was the obama people that talked to canada.

    that makes me think long and hard about their tactics.

  2. oh and her stating that mccain has the experience etc. to be president well that is just nuts on many levels.

    geezz just give em some great talking points why doncha!

  3. Rolling Stone Article - A New Hope


    I have voted for Republican candidates in the last 3 campaigns. (Yes, sorry to say, I did give George Bush a second chance) A lot of our friends have become dis-enchanted with the current administration, the war, run away debt, dis-connect from the middle class, the environment, the housing crisis..etc.etc.

    The only Republican candidate that I considered was Huckabee (he won GA)

    It is time to get a President in the White house who is not going to continue with the "status quo", "politics as usual" and is not a Capitol Hill "insider".

    Go to the website

    Google him and read his biography
    and check his legislative record

    Do the same for Hillary Clinton Also read all the material about the "Clinton years" including Arkansas. Think you will read enough to let you know that she is a "Washington insider"

    McCain is absolutely a 3rd term of George W. Bush...more of the same.

    All of this was to say that I will be voting for Barack Obama. If by dirty dealing and back room trickery Clinton gets the nomination ... I will vote Independent. This is how much I do not want to be a part of "politics as usual"

  4. All I can offer is, I think both Clinton and Obama want the same things for the country.

    The only daylight between them IMO is the methods and leadership style they will employ to bring that happy state of affairs about. I think there is enough info out there about them both to make judgement calls. Personally, I think Sherry and Kaywellnga are barking up the right tree.

  5. Hillary’s tactics are the embodiment of how disgusting politics have become. She will do anything, say anything, endure anything (we all know what I refer to here) just to become president. And yes, I know “they all do it” to some extent or another. But why reward the most egregious? If we are to ever get a better class of elected official, we’re going to have to reward those who at least attempt to comport themselves in a dignified enough manner to hold the office to which they aspire.

    Obama may have some venial sins in his closet, but his words and the way he has designed and executed his campaign are a breath of fresh air. His positive message of hope and “yes we can” and his heretofore distain for gutter politics is what got him this far.

    Hillary on the other hand knows the gutter is the only battleground where she can compete and win. Why else would she continue to taunt Obama on issues where SHE is most vulnerable? SHE is questioning him on land deals??? SHE accuses him of plagiarism and then promptly has her supporters chant “Yes we will”???

    Is she that stupid? Of course not. Obama has so-far refused to take the bait so she just keeps trolling with larger pieces of chum. “Come down here in the gutter with me”, she taunts. “Look how easy it will be for you to slam me on this one.”

    Gutter politics, twisting reality and smear tactics are her forte, so she wants to move the battleground to an area where she feels confident. My advice to Obama? Steer clear of “our First Black President’s wife.”