Saturday, March 8, 2008


Jim sent me this photo! Awesome, is he not?

Yes, I made that photo as BIG as Blogger would let me because KDKA traffic and transportation reporter Jim Lokay has the juiciest cheeks I've ever seen. (The ones on his face, ahem.)

Jim was bustling out of the Brentwood Giant Eagle after completing a shoot on Route 51 when I was bustling in, so I had to let him know that I totally saw him check me out. (To be fair, he also checked out the 83-year-old lady with the cane to make sure he didn't run her down since he was in hurry. Plus, she did kinda look hot in those double-knit, polyester Habands. Gotta get me some of those.)

Anyway, I was delighted to know that he enjoyed the little project I did with Tony over at Tunesmith & Anthony and he said he even watched it again the other night. Kiss 96.1 linked to it to and called it "genius" but I'll let Anthony take the credit for that. All I did was write the song in the shower. It even made WTAE's Links 'N @ (if you didn't know). I can't wait to see what Anthony has up his sleeve next.

Meantime, the excitable John McIntire is all well, excited, because he thinks the new content advisory on my blog means photos of mammaries. Then he launches into "Thanks for the Mammaries" on me. (The original song, John, is actually, "Thanks for the Memory." So you're really only entitled to ONE boob.)

Anyway, go see him and Gab on March 19.

Even the Mayo man wanted to know what was up with my adult content warning. So did Maria. You can go to my blog to read my response. I should specify: this blog.

So, to answer them here again and the others who asked: NO, I am not going "all live X-cam" or anything. Please. I do have some respect for myself. Except when it comes to traffic and transportation reporters, maybe.

This concludes my Saturday morning bedroom dispatch. And when in a construction zone, please remember to merge at the merge point and take turns instead of getting over five miles ahead and backing up traffic to Kingdom Come. Right Jim?


  1. Looks like I found me a Pittsburgh Blog to follow.

  2. ahahahahaaa. He is cute! Transportation and weather you say? Hm. Maybe I need to change my blogging topics....