Thursday, March 13, 2008

CNN Asks, "By His Side, but why?"

Gloria had written this post about the wives of politicians who have to stand on stage while their husbands admit to cheating. Gloria was one of many in the media asking the same question.

CNN's article here.

On the opposite side of the fence: Bill Maher makes the case that we should stop overanalyzing this and that Eliot just wasn't getting enough action in the bedroom. Erm. Uh, his post here.

I wasn't quite clear whether Bill Maher was standing up for Eliot in this article or not...but it definitely wasn't an article I wanted to finish.

I'm attempting to show other points-of-view...

Agent Ska


  1. he can be a real ass a lot of the time. this was a prime example of his excellence in assdom.

  2. Mahrer's not the first one to blame the wife for the husband's transgressions. It's the same mindset that spouts the rape victim "was asking for it".

    I understand that some women will get up on that stage b/c of the love they (still) feel for their husbands and / or because of the children.

    I understand that some women will get up on that stage for financial reasons. How many of these women wind up considerably poorer b/c their husbands were never able to attain their previous high incomes.

    I understand that some women will get up on that stage fearing loss of power-by-association if they disengage from their spouse. Again, how many of these husbands ever rise to pre-scandal pinnacles of power? Other than Sen. Hillary Clinton, how many of these wives have parlayed themselves into a power position, in part due to their surviving the scandal?

    What I don't understand is how not one woman out of the 13 examples I listed (and there are probably more) said, "Umm, no thanks, you're on your own on this one buddy."

    If anyone can find a case of a high profile infidelity scandal, in which the woman did not get up on that stage, please post it here.

  3. You are confusing Maher for Dr. Laura. Maybe I read it too quickly but I don't think Maher blamed the wife. Maher blamed human nature, suggesting that people married for some time do not enjoy much intimacy, in his opinion, because it doesn't provide the sparks they need. He never said the wife was at fault for not "putting out." In fact, he came close to suggesting that men's enhanced sex drive is responsible, but thankfully he didn't go there, either. He spoke about people in general "needing" the spark of a new partner.

    Maher's view is nonsense, of course, because many people in long marriages enjoy plenty of intimacy. His view regards people as if they were animals. What a very bleak view of human nature he has.